Friday, February 12, 2010

KDE 4.4 available for Mandriva 2010 !!

Updated (02/16/2010): repository URL's changed and 64 bits packages are now available :)

This last Tuesday KDE SC 4.4 was released and on a lightning-fast time, neoclust managed to have packages available for Mandriva 2010 on KDE official FTP mirrors (thanks neoclust !!). If you want to upgrade to it, it's really easy. First, Add the KDE 4.4 repository, for 32 bit systems use the following urpmi command (as root):

32 bits:

urpmi.addmedia kde-4.4.0

64 bits:

urpmi.addmedia kde-4.4.0

After adding the KDE 4.4. repository you will need to update, download and install all of KDE 4.4 packages. You can do all of this in one command, but I, for safety, prefer to do it in two steps. First, update the repositories and download all the packages before actually installing them to make sure that the installation is possible:

urpmi --auto-update --auto-select --test

When all packages finish downloading and you see a message at the end saying that the installation is possible, you can now run the same command without the --test parameter to perform the installation:

urpmi --auto-update --auto-select

After the package installation finishes, logout and log back in, that's it !! you will have a brand new, shiny, awesome and rocking KDE 4.4 desktop :D

Enjoy !!


  1. x86_64 packages up at


  2. The locations seem to have moved slightly in the last 8 hours. The new locations are:


  3. Be careful that your nepomuk data have to be converted to Virtuoso format before you can start nepomuk again. In order to do this, you can download "nepomuk virtuoso converter". Then, it's explained nowhere but you have to extract the converter and run "cmake" -> it will not only download virtuoso 5.0 full sources (approx. 40M) but will also compile it before compiling virtuoso converter itself and finally, it will convert your DB. It's a painful process and I recommand you to remove completely your nepomuk data if you don't really care about it and restart from scratch.

  4. I'm new to Mandriva and this article has been very helpful. Thanks. Now I'm running KDE 4.4

  5. You are my SAVIOUR man.... I accidenly removed KDE... oops i got my Shyiny briht desktop back with your instructions.. Thanks buddy..

  6. I do not have any KDE version installed yet and I would like to install it, but the problem is that whenever I try to select a kde4.4 package, I get a message saying "The following package could not be installed: [package]".
    [package] is the name of the package I try to install.

    Some required packages are not located in the Mandriva repos.

  7. @peterfaj,

    All packages needed for this update are on Mandriva and KDE 4.4.0 repository (the new one you just added). Are you sure you have all repositories enabled ? main and contrib at least ?

    Please run urpmi with -v option to get more verbose input about your problem.

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  9. Silly me. I have attempted to do this on 2009.1 with 2009.1 repos.
    I have installed 2010.0 now and KDE 4.4 installs fine, but there is another problem when I try to run it.
    I get this error message: "kstartupconfig4 does not exist or fails. The error code is 127. Check your installation."

  10. Never mind, I fixed it.
    I removed all kde and all qt packages and then installed some kde packages and let qt packages be installed automatically.