Monday, December 21, 2009

Google Chrome for Mandriva 2010

I didn't had noticed that there was a Google Chrome package on Mandriva contrib backports repository. It isn't the official "Google Chrome" version, it is the build of the open source project behind it: chromium. Think of it as OpenOffice is to Sun StarOffice, it's the same stuff but with another name. If you want to try it you just need to enable contrib backports repository (if you doesn't already have done that) on Mandriva Control Center and install the package "chromium-browswer".

I have been using it since last week and let me tell you, it's awesomely fast !! my only worry was the missing extensions, but I noticed that chrome/chromium has extensions too ! and that most of the extensions I use on firefox are also available for chrome/chromium, like xmarks and Web Developer, although I'm not sure if it's from the same author but it has the same features I need.

If you need any help (in spanish), we have been discussing this over at Mandriva-co forum.


  1. Alternative
    for chromium
    add the MIB source

    for chrome add Google source

  2. And what would be the advantage of adding a third party repository than using a Mandriva official repository? the chrome/chromium version in there is the latest official one released by google, but build from sources, I don't see the point of using another repo.